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Asset Lifecycle Management

Accelerating Your Business Operations

Milestone’s Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) services enable your business to operate smoothly while allowing your employees to be more productive. Our services handle all aspects of ALM, including procurement, imaging, deployment, decommissioning, and retirement for all of your devices. Throughout this process, our people work closely with you and your employees to ensure that technology is deployed efficiently and accurately. From Configuration Management Database (CMDB) expertise to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we have everything it takes to streamline the processes and infrastructure behind your asset inventory.

Milestone Streamlines Your Asset Management 

With Milestone, you can rest assured that your business will never stop due to logistical concerns. Our Asset Lifecycle Management services include: 

  • Managing inventory levels, both physically and logically
  • Facilitating user orientation, including individual workspace and desk setup
  • Supporting assigned requests using ITSM systems such as ServiceNow
  • Creating and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures
  • Reporting through a standard dashboard to measure operational effectiveness
  • Procurement, imaging, deployment, maintenance, and reverse logistics of desktop and user-facing mobile devices and laptops
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